5 Nifty Ways to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Getting in the preschool mode is a bit of an adjustment for every child and for the parents as well. However, to make this transition easier you can do some simple things at home. These nifty ideas develop their sense of independence and flexibility. Everything else will follow over time.

These ideas are in fact simple activities that you can enjoy with your son or daughter on a daily basis.

Let’s start with these simple and nifty ideas; they are much easier than you think:

1. Engage in recreational games

What could be simpler than this? If you are on a mission to prepare your children for preschool, start playing games with them on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter whether it is indoor or outdoor games; as long as you are playing together you are going in the right direction.

Colorful hands

The purpose of this activity is to teach your child how to be a part of a group. Remember, don’t let your child win deliberately, let them lose and learn how to deal with it.

2. Plan a night out at grandma’s house

Happy females

Can’t imagine how this helps with preschool readiness? When you leave your child for an overnight stay at grandma’s or any other relative’s house, you are exposing them to the idea of being away from mommy and daddy for a long period of time. Sleeping in a different bed in a different house, trains them for the new environment of the preschool.

3. Establish a consistent schedule

This is an interesting idea which I got to know about from a play school franchise accredited by QualityKG advanced preschool accreditation. They urge parents to establish clear and consistent routines at home because when they will enter preschool they’ll be expected to follow such set routines.

Two girls of different ages makeing yoga

The Preschool Development Program by QualityKG suggests the introduction of important routines like – waking up early, washing hands before and after eating, eating with the mouth closed, using magic words like thank you and please and dealing with toileting needs.

4. Encourage independence


Children must be trained to handle things independently in order to help prepare him or her for preschool, you can teach them some basic self-help skills like packing their bags themselves and keeping their space clean and organized.

5. Boost their communication skills


Help your child develop his or her vocabulary by introducing a new word every day.  When they have the power of words on their side, it helps them express themselves better. Let them ask questions, encourage their inquisitive nature it’s a fantastic way to boost their communication skills.

Last of all:

Bear in mind, if your child is not able to do all of these activities then don’t beat yourself up by thinking he or she is not ready for preschool!  Give them time, eventually they’ll come around.


2 thoughts on “5 Nifty Ways to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

  1. I loved your post. Not all preparation for preschool is academic. I would add, teach your child to do things when asked and not only on their schedule. There have been a lot of rough kinder transitions for kids who have not had to comply with adult direction. But beautiful post thanks. KIm

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