Holiday Parenting Ideas For Working Moms Of Preschoolers

Are you ready to survive the approaching flood of holidays, starting from Christmas and going all the way up to winter holidays? Do you have it in you to sail through the holidays with your sanity intact?


Keeping your on-vacation preschooler’s occupied for the five-week holiday frenzy is a mission in itself, especially for today’s digital-age children who need a constant supply of entertainment (more so than oxygen!)

The minute their preschool routine comes to a halt, working moms all over the world succumb to the holiday stress with different degrees of anxiety.

They worry about the increased screen time, the delayed bedtime and the ‘I-am-not-getting-up-before-noon’ policy.

I am also a working mom and when the higgledy-piggledy vacation time dawned on my household for the first time I had to find a new “routine”. To regularize the irregularity of holidays I went far and wide for some sound advice. At last, I got the much needed pearls of wisdom at a parenting seminar in one of the best preschools that I have come across. This was a QualityKG accredited preschool and they follow advanced preschool accreditation standards. Their preschool development program is designed to help parents and teachers alike through every phase of a preschooler’s journey including the frantic holidays!

Here are four tips to convert your holidays from intolerable to enjoyable:

1# Mix it up:

Don’t be a routine-junky! Let your kids enjoy this break by seeing their grandparents, cousins or other close relatives. If your child is soon to start preschool then this will also help in preparing them for the upcoming change.

2# Get some outdoor fun:

Our children have become slaves to a sedentary lifestyle. Most of their time is spent hiding behind the iPads and tablets. This holiday season encourage them to get out from their cozy corner and spend some time having fun in the sun!

3# Enjoy some quality time:

Being a working mom you rarely get an opportunity to spend some uninterrupted quality time with your little ones. At this tender age your child needs your time and attention more than ever.

Happy travelers

During their winter break try to spend some time with them by reading or playing games together. This is the perfect time for you to make some precious memories.

4# Teach them the power of giving (“For it is in giving that we receive.” — Francis of Assisi):

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner your children are ready with their long list of gifts. This holiday season give them a lesson in giving! Donate some books, toys or clothes to a shelter and involve your child in the process to make them understand the joy and importance of giving.


Working moms work really hard, theirs is a full-time job without any leaves and at times without any admiration either. Now that the vacations have begun, why not make the best of it? Get up an hour late and enjoy the change in the daily schedule – you deserve an extra hour of sweet slumber!


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